Blogger Interview – Dawid Pacha

    And just when I ‘threatened you’ with a little bit of  Polish, here is a little bit more from my homeland. My fellow social media specialist, Dawid Pacha, has agreed to spend few minutes of his very busy life to respond to my questions – remember my reasons for conducting blogger interview? I am excited about the various motivations of people to share their lives on-line and the unpredictable magic in how blogging sometimes changes our life. It changed mine enormously, so I want to see if other bloggers share my experiences. Let’s see what Dawid says:) Enjoy!

    Sylwia: Hi Dawid, thank you very much for agreeing to respond to my questions:) How did you get involved in social media?

    Dawid: The Internet and computer geeks are still wrongly recognized as antisocial and closed individuals. I was always been perceived as a people person. Social Media is a way for me to connect with other like-minded persons. It stopped to be only a hobby a few years ago when I started working on my first startup, then I decided to dedicate my MA Thesis to Social Networking Sites and started working in a Social Media Marketing Agency.

    Sylwia: Do we really live in social media galaxy?Dawid: The Social Media Galaxy is a term I coined in the reference to Marshall McLuhan’s ‘Gutenberg Galaxy’ and Manuell Castell’s ‘Internet Galaxy’. They both stated that technologies connected people around the world. In the first

    Dawid: The Social Media Galaxy is a term I coined in the reference to Marshall McLuhan’s ‘Gutenberg Galaxy’ and Manuell Castell’s ‘Internet Galaxy’. They both stated that technologies connected people around the world. In the first case these were mass media, especially printing press and in the second one the internet. However in my opinion technology is essential, but not the only factor. We had some of these technologies in 90’s and we weren’t that much connected. Social Media is more about the user than the technology. People changed their attitude to privacy, the amount of time they spend on the computer, they began to be more interactive, more trustful. It’s a phenomenon and a whole new universe.

    Sylwia: Where are your presences on-line? Which is your sun, and what are the planets?
    Dawid: You must refer to my Social Media Galaxy;) Sun used to by my Twitter profile, but now Facebook account becomes the biggest star as it is my identity on the web, whenever I comment on blog posts sign up to a new service I use the Facebook Connect. My planets would be other Social Networking Services like Esgieh.pl (my own startup), Goldenline and Linkedin and blogs like SocialMedia.pl where I share knowledge on the new technologies and their impact on us, brands and economy. My Earth is my home page where I try to do some blogging every now and then and I aggregate most of my activities around the Social Web.

    Sylwia: Tell us more about your studies of social media. When you started to learn more about it, did you have access to its Polish terminology?
    Dawid: I started reading a lot about the Social Media, especially about Social Networking Sites in 2006. During the last year, I’ve been trying to translate this Social Media phenomenon to the academic language. I am doing my PhD on Crowdsourcing. So if anybody would be eager to share some research I would be very thankful. Anyway, the terminology is pretty different when used by marketers and different at the university community. I don’t like the simplified versions of the former, not the stricter set of terms of the latter, so I try to stay in between.

    Sylwia: How would you describe the current state of social media in Poland?
    Dawid: Polish market is very specific. We have strong brands that compete with global ones. All I hear during Social Media related events is Facebook, at the same time Nasza Klasa has 5 times as big active users (10 million). One may say we are far away from the western countries in adoption of Social Media technologies because we don’t tweet too much, Polish competitors on this market aren’t too strong as well. On the other hand, Polish Wikipedia is very advanced. Our Market is very diversified and fragmented, mainly because there is a lot of Internet users and we speak in a specific language that encourages our start ups to target national audience only. Global brands are often too late with translating their services into Polish.

    Sylwia: According to recently published statistics, Facebook is catching up with Nasza-Klasa. Can you tell us more about the Polish social network and what you think 2010 will look like for those two sites in Poland?
    Dawid: Facebook is catching up but it is still only David in comparison to Goliat (nasza-klasa.pl). However in terms, if media citation I guess Facebook wins;). I think Facebook will be gaining this year in relation to NaszaKlasa, but will not reach as big audience because it is still too advanced for the average user.

    Sylwia: Slightly different question: there is still a lot of discussion around Internet censorship, proposed legislation in Poland and we start to see TOR mentioned as well. What is your view on it?

    Dawid: I think it all started when the identity of a famous political blogger was revealed to the public by a newspaper. The level of comments under articles on big publisher’s sites like Gazeta or Interia started to be an issue last summer. I believe that the freedom of the Internet should be protected and I support these people.

    Sylwia: You work in social media marketing (@spolem). How does it affect your private interest in social media? Do you/Can you separate the private and the professional?
    Dawid: I’m taking the engagement approach, meaning that I spent part of my time taking part in marketing related discussions on the Internet. Sometimes it is really difficult to separate my professional comments from the private ones. However, in the end, I guess this is a great way to make new connections in comparison to the old one, which was going out to fancy parties with free food and open bar for marketers.

    Sylwia: Can you mention three bloggers/social media theorists who inspire you the most?
    Dawid: I would definitely mention Jeremiah Owyang, Brian Solis and maybe Steve Rubel.

    Sylwia: Did blogging change your life?
    Dawid: Definitely. It forced me to rethink some ideas and concepts and makes me feel like I contribute at least a little bit to this World Wide Web.

    Sylwia: What are your plans for near future?
    Dawid: My plans are to grow and manage the Internet community around Warsaw School of Economics at esgieh.pl.  I also want to put much more effort into my blogging. In the meantime, I am running a few project called Social Media Papers. It will be a user-submitted directory of resources to papers like reports, ebooks, presentations, white papers, all related to social media.Sylwia: Would you like to share anything else with us?

    Dawid: Thanks Sylwia for the interview. To our readers: join me in the discussion, if you have anything you would like to know about Polish Internet or would like to discuss Social Media in general just drop me a line. You can find my Social Media profiles and email address on my private home page.
    Sylwia: Thank you, Dawid!:)

    Social media ethics – my personal view

    I have just noticed that some of my friends in Poland are joining this fan page. As it pops out here and there I decided to click through with the intention to join it and have a look around. However, the first view of the page welcomed me with an invitation to a contest in which all I have to do is join the page to get the chance to win a set of nice cosmetics.

    This is how the FB fan page opens: 

    You see, I do not know how about you, but I am allergic to traditional PR. I simply think I do not want to be convinced to join a page, at least not this way. Additionally, I have a very, very bad habit of not raging against the flow which results in stubborn, very often the foolish reaction of ignoring the source of that type of encouragement – I say foolish, as I tend to me so emotional, I do not check the content of the site. Simple move on. But am I right? How do you feel if your social network send you a reminder saying ‘you have not visited this site for a while, what are you up to?’ What does the term ‘in your face promotion’ mean to you? Do let me know, I feel old-fashioned and over sensitive sometimes. So far I did not come across good argument against my approach so as long as it’s not challenged, I will keep on ignoring, keep on not joining, keep on moving on.


    Keeping it light

    I had a very interesting discussion with @cornerthemarket yesterday about the tonality of our blogs, why we blog and how we keep them personal but still try to follow the main line of the site. You see, this one is dedicated to social media, activism and arts (arts simply because it’s part of my life, and I think one or two photos time to time, or mentioning of an exhibition helps me to ensure the content is not too ‘heavy’), but recently evolved, and I think it’s moving towards my Polish one, very personal journal.It might be because I am considering moving all my blogs to one, self-hosted domain, or maybe because my life is evolving too. Because I work in social media marketing I tend to spend a lot of time discussing topics related to work and my private interest in social media very often co-exist and complement each other. Now, working on WOM Experts Panels, I talk to extremely interesting people from all around the globe and constantly share insights into their and my region, which contributes to my understanding of the space. However I also run the risk of ‘thinking geeek’ all day so I thought I’d share with you few sites I use to loosen up a bit, and take a time off ‘serious thinking’ – but still in a geeky way.

    First of all ICanHasCheesburger – I do not know if someone wrote a study about the reasons behind geeks falling in love with cats, but there is a strong dependency there, and this portal brings the best of it – always offering a funny moment or two. Actually, the more I read it, the funnier it gets! There is the Simon’s Cat, currently active on Facebook due to the release of its book version (can’t wait to order it myself). There is the Savage Chickens blog.

    And the always reliable Popjam, where Seven Legged Spider is still the best of ‘all time’. Yesterday I met Rachel, who is posting on Quotes from the Street – a very good one, which also made me look back at Overheard in New YorkGapingvoid is my eternal source of wisdom when it comes to life philosophy of a social media fan, enthusiast, professional  – whatever term you want to use. Blogus Pospolitus is the source of fun in Polish edition for me. But all of those, managed carefully (read: daily newsletter for instance) bring a lot of lightness to all those heavy geeky and social topics. Enjoy and let me know if you find another rich source of everyday happiness!



    Dzień średni, w pracy zwykły, czyli wiadomo;) Ale, ale…dowiedziałam się już w pracy, iż właściciele domu za podlewanie ich kwiatków kupili mi podczas pobytu we Francji papirus, o którym kiedyś im marudziłam (mają piękny ogród, więc myślałam, że może jak kupują rośliny znajdą coś papirusopodobnego). Ale wiecie co? To co zastałam w domu dosłownie PRZEROSŁO moje oczekiwania! Oni mi kupili oryginalny Egipski papirus – prawie mojego wzrostu! Zdobyli go na jakimś malutkim targowisku na samym południu Francji! Prawie się rozpłakałam! Taki miły gest i tak wiele dla mnie znaczy! W Kairze widziałam jak przygotowywano papirus z takiej właśnie rośliny o trójkątnym przekroju łodygi…siedzę więc i gapię się na mój mulutki domowy ogródek z takimi cudami!:) Taki przemiły gest i tyle poświęcenia z targaniem tej rośliny w samochodzie…niesamowite!


    Global Voices Polska

    Dziś, po pięknym weekendzie, zabrałam się wreszcie za Global Voices Polska tak na poważnie. Chciałabym, abyśmy wreszcie wyszli z beta i zaczęli pisać poważniej, więcej. Powinnam pisać o Polsce na główną stronę, ale to chyba polska widownia jest wazniejsza. Weekend miałam świetny. Wczoraj pojechaliśmy z Dawidem odwiedzić Anię i spotkać się na kawę z Agnieszką, drugą mistrzynią Global Voices Polska, która w przyszłym tygodniu przenosi się do Amsterdamu.  Pod koniec czerwca Global Voices znów się spotyka…w Ansterdamie:) więc i Dawid, i Aga, i ja tam będziemy, bo cały ten projekt to fajna ekipa. Może też i przetłumaczę mój post słowo w słowo, bo warto:) Dziś posiedzieliśmy w trawie przed katedrą w Oksfordzie z Magdą, z którą się już bardzo długo nie widzieliśmy. Pamiętajcie, Magda w przyszły weekend idzie na sponsorowany spacer z Tishą i zbiera na słuszny cel😉


    Polish web

    Thanks to Robin, I got to read this cool article with a ranking of the most popular websites used by UK-based Poles. Interesting, how it truly reflect the reality of the lifestyle of this minority…Also, YouTube on the 3rd place. The more I learn about social media, the more impressed I become by the Polish web. Not only seeing Polish versions of international venues amongst main languages (English, German, Spanish, etc), but also reading Polish blogs on social media and checking the quality of Polish websites (Zubrowka, Frugo, Heyah, and others).


    Mexican silver

    Które przyrzeknę nosić
    Ma być gwarancją
    Że mnie nie opuścisz w potrzebie
    I że od słów moich się nie odwrócisz

    Rodzice moi jak dwa strachy
    Krążą w mojej dziecinnej wyobraźni
    Brat bogiem mi, zagadką, Gralem

    A syn? Syn życia zagadką, dotykiem dłoni
    Ciepłem, snem
    Że możemy jeszcze być kiedyś nieczemu winni

    Nie wiem nigdy, co skłania cię do rozmowy
    W moim języku
    Lecz w głębi oceanu modlitwa jest
    Moja jak srebrny kamień
    Okrągła, idealna, pusta

    Jak twoje obietnice miłości


    Something old

    Serwetka, i kolacja zapomniana
    Na ustach śmierci
    Imie twoje

    Na te pierwsze
    Przyznaję: nie lubię ludzi
    Znoszę tylko tych, co widomi

    List jeden
    Ostatni, bo mniej miało nas być
    Bo jest przecież cisza
    I tylko powracające koszmary

    Jest coś ponad
    Dzieckiem, jest kość
    Przełknięta lekko,
    Bo popita atramentem.