Transparency Projects in Poland

As we are experiencing the autumn in the UK I start to think about Barcamp Transparency UK planned for the 4th of December. The Technology for Transparency research is slowly finishing and I have two interviews I would like to share with you.

First one is short, a concise update of – polish portal dedicated to the presentation of legislative work of our government in an accessible, digestible way. It lives its most interesting days, as in 10 days the new version of the portal is about to launch. Jakub Górnicki, my GV fellow, happens to work for the project as their spokesman, so here is what I have learned from him.

Earlier this month I have talked to Anna Czyżewska from – NGO behind [I have the right to], another portal ‘translating’ the publicly available information to the public and promoting civic engagement. This interview is in Polish, so if you do not speak the language, please be patient – in few days time, I will link to the translated interview published on Technology for Transparency Network. I am really happy to see both projects now before I attend TransparencyCamp in Poland in November. Great stuff!

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