Social media ethics – my personal view

I have just noticed that some of my friends in Poland are joining this fan page. As it pops out here and there I decided to click through with the intention to join it and have a look around. However, the first view of the page welcomed me with an invitation to a contest in which all I have to do is join the page to get the chance to win a set of nice cosmetics.

This is how the FB fan page opens: 

You see, I do not know how about you, but I am allergic to traditional PR. I simply think I do not want to be convinced to join a page, at least not this way. Additionally, I have a very, very bad habit of not raging against the flow which results in stubborn, very often the foolish reaction of ignoring the source of that type of encouragement – I say foolish, as I tend to me so emotional, I do not check the content of the site. Simple move on. But am I right? How do you feel if your social network send you a reminder saying ‘you have not visited this site for a while, what are you up to?’ What does the term ‘in your face promotion’ mean to you? Do let me know, I feel old-fashioned and over sensitive sometimes. So far I did not come across good argument against my approach so as long as it’s not challenged, I will keep on ignoring, keep on not joining, keep on moving on.


  • sylwiapresley

    Very valid point! If it were a box of chocolates I would probably skip the fan page and not post about it. In this case I felt a bit upset. Maybe if the page does not open on this site, and competition is positioned as a welcome present, I would like the idea better…not sure…It will work for many users, though, I bet!Thank you for stepping by!

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