Welcoming new year

    Our new bonsai tree lost all its leaves, sprouted new ones, and today I discovered…flower buds! It’s spring in our bathroom! I’ve been away from posting, even though IG is still my most intimate public writing space – even from there.

    I spent the last two weeks reflecting on 2022 from a place of silence, an incredible opening (a commitment I worried I’d have to drop, finished, which was a tremendous gift) and increasing energy levels after months of intensity. I kept busy, too: I moved my business to the next phase to allow new staff, new ideas, way more unique content (finally!) and new services.

    I am so excited about 2023 because everything I dreamed up for Voxel Hub is about to become possible. So I am now back, posting and blogging more than ever and will be writing so much more about digital wellbeing – I am so glad I can finally make space for this true passion of mine.

    I am to walk the thin line between light and darkness, and so the year starts also with news of family loss. However, if anything, last year showed me just how much complexity I can handle. And boy, I can handle a lot.

    I am so grateful I can now hold just my own stuff and my clients, equipped with new therapeutic skills too.

    So so grateful for all this opening space to create, share and assist healing.


    It takes a village

    It truly takes a village, hard work, challenges and incredible rewards along the way.

    I aged a few decades and grew a tiny bit wiser, sharper, and more ambiguous (it’s what those times need of us).

    I found my people and left places that did not serve me well.

    I liberated myself from so many layers and can’t wait to do more.

    I am utterly grateful to each and every person who supported me and for those lovely messages of comfort this week.

    It takes a village.


    Business Baby Birthday

    My business baby is 3 years old today. 💛

    Even though it took me five years to conceive and birth the idea of Voxel Hub in 2019 in memory of my Dad (with whom I share this day as Nameday), it is only growing into toddlerhood now, and loads is about to change, evolve, focus and sharpen soon.

    Along the way, a few tried to help themselves to the idea but replicated it badly, misinterpreting the core need altogether.

    Because it is me, it is evolving with me and with our times.

    The fear of technology is so deeply rooted that my way of healing it is almost always profoundly misunderstood. This year I have arrived back to my core and validated why we need to embrace the digital age for our wellbeing: for our own survival. It’s sad that many had to realise this due to COVID, it’s even sadder that many more chose to ignore that announcement too.

    I continue raising this child with my village – because that’s the only sustainable way.

    Thank you to every single person who supported me, held me, healed me and challenged me and called me out. You all make this journey into the wonderful adventure it is, and we are saving and extending lives.

    Grateful to you all. 


    Liberation psychologies for working with displaced peoples

    I have been a bit quiet about this one, but it is now open for registration. Join me:

    🕘 Thu, 24 November 2022 09:00 – 11:30 GMT – http://bit.ly/liberationpsychology

    🕕 Fri, 25 November 2022 18:00 – 20:30 GMT – http://bit.ly/liberationpsychology2

    Please, share with anyone interested.


    Working with liberation

    Last weekend someone working on a project for Black History Month asked me to join in a creative photo shoot. I used to exhibit my photography in my “past life”, and so I enjoyed it. But my works were not so good.

    This morning, I walked into our kitchen at the exact time when the morning light illuminated just this one stem – the last gladioli from our allotment: nature, light, timing.

    I think about mastery a lot these days. Six years of counselling studies changed me a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever put so much energy, commitment and time into any other learning journey. And it shows. I am just beginning to grasp the vast amount of skills it takes to support people’s liberation into healing, but I can already feel the joy of work that is more than “good enough” at times.

    The joy of that ancient human contact. The beauty of it. It’s so complex and so simple. I think humans are quite extraordinary.


    Summer endings

    A day of difficult decisions: planned (unwanted) endings and some incredible ones too. I am so grateful for the good people who show me the light and lightness, who hold me through emotional days like this and witness me as I am: human. We’re in this together, and those connections matter so much.

    Thank you. Go softly!


    Growth and nature

    Rogers developed the person-centred approach to counselling (and life), noticing nature on his parent’s farm. When a tree is cut, the life force pushes new shoots up – he called it a “self-actualising tendency” – I agree: given the right conditions, recovery and thriving are possible.

    However, we need respect, tolerance, empathy and compassion (willingness to act and state the uncomfortable).

    I am choosing people and spaces that provide those conditions and avoiding those that forget the importance of life: we are all humans and part of nature. It’s that simple.

    Yet so hard to remember when systems and broken people push us to our own edge.

    It’s safer to walk in the middle of the path with people who hold those boundaries and see humanity and Nature in us, with us.


    Learning and unlearning

    And when all the deconstructing and unlearning are done (for this phase), I wake up with clarity. Everything falls into the right place, centred, rippling out with energy and hope.

    Day one: I finalised Voxel Hub Manifesto.

    This is possible thanks to my people and the giants I meet on the path. Grateful!