Social Media Advisor

Social media advisor and practitioner helping individuals, organisations and brands articulate their stories with the help of the social web.Word of mouth marketer advising nonprofits and commercial brands on informed, realistic, sustainable digital strategies.  

Founder of BlogALife – Social Media Literacy platform and Co-Founder of Social Media Detox Camps.

Personal coach

Personal coach working with individuals wishing to understand, manage and own their own goals with the help of tech and social media. Consultant supporting clients in understanding the growing range of choices related to their on-line activities and in making decisions benefiting their personal careers and organisational goals.

Event speaker and organiser

Event speaker and educator passionate about children in tech, women in tech, tech for social good. Founder of BarcampNFP, unconference bringing together tech and non-profits, and Wantage Pixel Club, local club promoting usage of video games for education.

Blogger and photographer

Active social media practitioner, blogger and writer. Event and citizen journalist. Transmedia reporter. Exhibiting and selling photographer. Author of ‘Wantage Tales’ documentary. Blogging about social media, motherhood, coffee, allotment and photography. 


Co-Chair of Wantage Summer Festival



Sylwia is both a wonderful person and an outstanding expert in social media. She is mentoring several people inside the organization and has run social media training events also for invited guests of the IEC. Sylwia is a valued member of the social media team of the IEC where she provides hands-on support, posting and blogging on topics that best illustrate our activities.
I warmly recommend Sylwia to any company who is looking for outstanding social media mentoring and support.

Gabriela Ehrlich, Global Head of Marketing & Communications at IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)

Sylwia is passionate about social media/tech, ethics, social problems and learning more on new cultures. Her work at Global Voices is very inspiring and her capacity to develop genuine relationships is exceptional. If you’re looking for a multi-langual and talented marketing professional, she’s the right person for you!

Lilian Mahoukou, Employer Brand Social Strategist at Disneyland Paris




When kids are asleep

..mothers stay a little bit longer to just look at them. It’s the most magical moment of my day – checking, if you are asleep and...
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Back to Aikido

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I am surrounded by circles nowadays. I guess mother nature knows what looks beautiful.

White Horse Hill

…I shall miss you. I am not sure how long we will stay here but I miss you already!

Welcome to Warsaw

Warsaw is drawn in sharp lines. Life is fast. Some people don’t even notice it passing by. Love, pain, fun, tears – all drawn in...
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