Announcing next Oxford Girl Geek Dinners

 It has been a while since I posted about Oxford Girl Geek Dinners but today I would like to invite you to our January event (tickets here). I have been working on a lot of parallel projects in 2011 and this event was most of the time delayed, put aside, some even forgotten – and I feel terrible about it! So as one of my few 2012 resolutions I have decided to focus on it a little bit more. Saying that I would like to be careful what I say – there is something int he term “new years resolution” that implies short term nature of the subject:) I am spending a lot of time off-line nowadays using holidays, Christmas, visits of friends and time with family to meditate, re-think last year, summarize and re-set priorities. I know that Oxford Girl Geek Dinners is high up on their list now so stay tuned and if you can, do join us on the day!

For more info about Oxford Girl Geek Dinners please go to the main event website and blog here.

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