Serendipity of my new studies

I am so happy to discover that Therapy Today is actually available online for free download! How many industry journals are free these days? This makes my studies so much easier for a start. I have decided to invest a small amount of my consultancy income each month in books, but I am glad I can save on this major publication. And generally, I think it is nice to see BACP being so open and accessible. I am also looking forward to finding out more about the updated BACP Ethical Framework which I printed out and read today. Of course, the first thing I have noticed was the part about social media – which is very sensible, and quite frankly useful for my current studies and my future work. I had no idea it was updated so recently! What a great time to start my learning journey. I have also found and connected online with Jeanine Connor who wrote a commentary to the new ethical framework (Jeanine works with children and young people so the area of new media is familiar to her clients). I am so glad she is a blogger too!  I think I will learn a lot from her. I do like her sensible approach to tech and to the new ethics – both supporting BACP ethical guidelines. I am also happy to learn about Tim Bond – the author of the leading book on counselling ethics, consultant of the new BACP ethical framework, who happens to work in Bristol too. Since we are considering to move there sometimes soon I am really glad to see that I might be able to come across him there.
This is all new. The new BACP Ethical Guidelines are a great start for me and I really appreciate the timing of my new studies. I feel that this is the right way to develop my skills and work further but I also feel that the timing is just perfect. Exciting times!

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