Rogers, meditations and diets?

A long week of spending time with family, organising things and preparing my life for studies. I have purchased a few more books and a positive psychology course. I have resigned from two public roles (it was always the plan to take them on to practice making time for studies) and narrowed the remaining two to the very minimum. The rest of my time is to be dedicated to studies from now on. I spent a week on a diet and I feel much better in my body now so I hope my brain will be happier to learn better too. I have also subscribed to Headspace premium to get back to my habit of daily meditations and as for journaling I am using the iPhone app for 5 Minute Journal – still struggling with remembering to do it each day but I will get there. Small daily habits of happiness;)
Tonight I progressed in studying. I read “Active Listening” by Carl R. Rogers and Richard E. Farson to discover just how difficult work must have been in the 50’s! I had no idea! Well, I did, but to see this form of a manifesto to employers is a bit of an eye opener. I was reading it imagining that this is actually news back in the 50’s – and that reality was truly shocking to me. I know I am lucky as I had really good jobs and good mentors in my life but to think that production could be prioritised over individual’s mental health (and by that I mean sense of justness, motivation and common goal) is a bit scary, to be honest. I am glad I read this very short piece and I am sure I will read those 20 pages many more times just as a reminder of how far we have come and what we need to protect – just in case if we lose this progress in mental health!

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