Working with liberation

Last weekend someone working on a project for Black History Month asked me to join in a creative photo shoot. I used to exhibit my photography in my “past life”, and so I enjoyed it. But my works were not so good.

This morning, I walked into our kitchen at the exact time when the morning light illuminated just this one stem – the last gladioli from our allotment: nature, light, timing.

I think about mastery a lot these days. Six years of counselling studies changed me a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever put so much energy, commitment and time into any other learning journey. And it shows. I am just beginning to grasp the vast amount of skills it takes to support people’s liberation into healing, but I can already feel the joy of work that is more than “good enough” at times.

The joy of that ancient human contact. The beauty of it. It’s so complex and so simple. I think humans are quite extraordinary.

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