On Brexit and other demons

Since Brexit referendum conversations started, I have decided to stop posting most of my negative feelings online – because there are loads of them and I worry that I might affect my online friends a bit too much. I share their fears and worries but I try to steer away from my own rambles. I leave those for my personal journal on paper. But today I wrote on paper something quite intense: “I hate this year, truly. It challenges me beyond belief!” and I did so mainly because of the political challenges the UK is facing, the current racist propaganda and the changing climate of my very own town. I wrote it because the people I trust the most, some of them, are showing their true colours and I am facing the need to make drastic cuts in my networks – it really is not a nice feeling at all. My life balance is really affected. I sleep badly at the moment. I worry a lot. And I need to motivate myself a lot to remain objective, sensible and focussed on clients, work, and studies.

I write this because I need to make a note of this very difficult time in my life. I am now really appreciating the role that my trusted close friends play in my life. I really benefit from my self-care habits and from the love of my family. I find it really important to have a purpose and goals – even if I need to have a few versions of those. Gratitude, kindness, love of learning and deep understanding of my roots and values keep me going, keep me focused.

I know that the times we live in the UK right now are going to get harder – I really don’t know which way the results of the EU vote for us will go, but the very fact we are facing it shows the crisis of our society. We are facing and will be facing, even more, identity crisis on an individual and collective level. Something tells me I will need to look into the identity’s role in mental health more because a lot of my work will be done around it. I hope for the best, but I am aware of the worst too. I plow through it with determination as I will make the most of this time for myself and for others. We will all do. I hope we will.

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