Oxford Geek Night 9

OK, here it is. I am really happy that I decided to go to the Oxford Geek Night yesterday. First of all the place: Jericho Tavern has a great history. That is the place where bands like Radiohead started their stage career. Jericho is a nice area of Oxford and I was lucky to meet few kind people before the event, who live there – they gave me encouraging ideas about it, so I might consider moving there in January.

Secondly – people: very friendly, very open minded, networking orientated crowd. All you need to do is just step in:) I like this type of atmosphere, simply because I am new to the city. I am happy I met Tom Dyson from Torchbox (sponsoring the event, next to Google, and Moo), who was kind enough to answer few questions and help me out with asking more (yes, I did ask questions, as usual :P). I am also happy I managed to meet @peejaybee. Pity I didn’t get hold of @ihatemornings or @benwerd, but hope to do so next time.

The first presentation delivered by Jeremy Ruston on TiddlyWiki impressed me entirely. The second one was closer to my heart – since I am interested in modern literature. Adrain Hon described his project We Tell Stories and even though the website is quite self-explanatory, it’s great to see how the campaign was planned, completed and perceived. (I do not agree with Stumble Upon generated traffic to be called organic, but it’s just me being picky – I am actually happy the project was so successful and I hope there will be more to come!).

I couldn’t stay to hear all the short presentations, and pity because when I talked to Martin Chapman, he was quite convinced and excited about their idea of Price Wars. Anyway, it was good to be there, and I will definitely join the Geek Nights from now on. I strongly advise anyone interested in those topics to come along, it’s worth it. More info, and hopefully soon some pix, here.


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