Work and life balance

I am really tired now because I was organising a Christmas Fair for our local care home and pretty much had to do it on my own. I am really, really fortunate that many of my local friends and contacts agreed to help and the event itself was lovely. It’s so rewarding to see elderly people celebrate with their families but also socialise with new faces. It was warm, full of kindness and I do feel ready for Christmas now. But it was also quite demanding and I had to step back from very active studies to just covering the basics of my work in counselling course. I was prepared that some weeks or months might be like this, but the last few weeks of fair organising took their toll and I really need to think about resting now. We will be traveling for Christmas to visit family so I hope to rest then, but I really should not wait another month to do so. I am back to long walks, allotment and psychology books making peace with the fact that I cannot be 100% present in every part of my life all the time. Leffing go, relaxing, accepting the facts and demands of life is the best I can do now.

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