Welcoming new year

Our new bonsai tree lost all its leaves, sprouted new ones, and today I discovered…flower buds! It’s spring in our bathroom! I’ve been away from posting, even though IG is still my most intimate public writing space – even from there.

I spent the last two weeks reflecting on 2022 from a place of silence, an incredible opening (a commitment I worried I’d have to drop, finished, which was a tremendous gift) and increasing energy levels after months of intensity. I kept busy, too: I moved my business to the next phase to allow new staff, new ideas, way more unique content (finally!) and new services.

I am so excited about 2023 because everything I dreamed up for Voxel Hub is about to become possible. So I am now back, posting and blogging more than ever and will be writing so much more about digital wellbeing – I am so glad I can finally make space for this true passion of mine.

I am to walk the thin line between light and darkness, and so the year starts also with news of family loss. However, if anything, last year showed me just how much complexity I can handle. And boy, I can handle a lot.

I am so grateful I can now hold just my own stuff and my clients, equipped with new therapeutic skills too.

So so grateful for all this opening space to create, share and assist healing.

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