We are all but works in progress

“Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished” – said Dan Gilbert in his TED talk on the end of history illusion – our present image of a definite individual, not a fluid person exposed to factors of change. I think I have suffered a lot in recent years from the disparity between my ability to predict many results of changes happening to me right here and right now and reasoning of people and sources of factors causing those changes. I have seen my present self just as clearly as I can see today my future self – based on the here and now of course as I cannot predict what else awaits me. I am fascinated to see that the academic research is tapping into those so far rather unknown territories and I hope that we will all learn to handle the current changes better, as they happen before it is too late to reverse them or before we fail to enjoy their positive impact on our very own selves.

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