Bad dreams

Woke up before 6 am from a nightmare. Having watched the Radioactive about Marie Sklodowska-Curie (fantastically directed by the amazing Marjane Satrapi) my brain really dived into the situation of women. The actor playing Pierre told an interviewer: “I don’t think Pierre was a modern man, he was an exceptional man.” I agree. Modern man still needs to look hard at himself and the history he carries on and correct himself – work really hard, actively shedding layers of gender imbalance. While an exceptional man does not need any of this explained – he walks the path with genuine awareness that women are equal and – just as men – miraculous creatures. I am only now realising how lucky I am to be raised by an exceptional man – and how much work is still to be done. Mostly by men, with a bit of help from women too. I am in pain, but hopeful because I have a framework model that’s works. I know how it feels to be equal and exceptional at once. We all can be, men and women and all other genders too.

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