A day of grounding and reflection. I have written what is now 60 pages of my book (obviously I will cut down in editing) and I am only 1/4th of the way. I planned how long it will take but had to adjust the plans – life gets in the way and takes up my headspace. The speed of writing is better than the planned 1K words per hour but I can only write for one or two hrs a day. Not more. The rest is life, home, family and friends (so important always but especially right now), jobs, studies, new fitness routine and a lot of self-care.

So angry that our leaders abandon or bully us instead of taking care of our needs so instead of being productive, thriving, we have to cope. That is against the idea of a leader – we choose them for their skills and on the top of that compassion and ability to care for their tribe (at least that’s how it used to be) Honestly, that’s not OK. All those systems need to change and we need to get involved.

So I am working towards better ones, wherever I can. Starting with exercising my right to have a voice. Isn’t it awesome that we can all be self-publishers from this little screen in our hands? I think it is. This makes me feel hopeful.

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