Business Baby Birthday

My business baby is 3 years old today. 💛

Even though it took me five years to conceive and birth the idea of Voxel Hub in 2019 in memory of my Dad (with whom I share this day as Nameday), it is only growing into toddlerhood now, and loads is about to change, evolve, focus and sharpen soon.

Along the way, a few tried to help themselves to the idea but replicated it badly, misinterpreting the core need altogether.

Because it is me, it is evolving with me and with our times.

The fear of technology is so deeply rooted that my way of healing it is almost always profoundly misunderstood. This year I have arrived back to my core and validated why we need to embrace the digital age for our wellbeing: for our own survival. It’s sad that many had to realise this due to COVID, it’s even sadder that many more chose to ignore that announcement too.

I continue raising this child with my village – because that’s the only sustainable way.

Thank you to every single person who supported me, held me, healed me and challenged me and called me out. You all make this journey into the wonderful adventure it is, and we are saving and extending lives.

Grateful to you all. 

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