In between two events

    My small exhibit in Oxford ArtFair proved to be a great program for that weekend. We had so much fun with Dawid! He made it through 6 hours of staying in one place, so I am really impressed. I am more than grateful to all interested in my works and the few who left me with great thoughts for new ones!

    I will be in Appleton this weekend and I am very happy that my colleagues will be there too. Come and join the exhibition!


    Bloggers Unite for Human Rights

    15th of May is the Blogger Unite for Human Rights Day organized by Amnesty International USA office. Join the Facebook event here!

    “Bloggers Unite for Human Rights” challenges bloggers to draw attention to urgent human rights issues facing our world today and encourage their readers to take simple actions through Amnesty International’s online action center.



    CHOOSE YOUR TOPIC. Write about a topic close to your heart or focus on one of the three issues below. Remember to include a link to a relevant online action.


    ► China currently has the largest recorded number of imprisoned journalists and cyber-dissidents in the world. Learn more at http://www.amnestyusa.org/countries/china

    ►  Blog about censorship in China and ask readers to sign the action asking Yahoo not to violate human rights in China

    2. ILLEGAL DETENTIONS AT GUANTANAMO BAY ► The U.S. detention facility at Guantánamo has become a global symbol of U.S. human rights violations, including illegal detention, denial of fundamental legal rights, and torture. Learn more at http://www.tearitdown.org.

    ►  Blog about Guantanamo Bay and ask readers to sign the tearitdown.org pledge.

    3. CRISIS IN DARFUR ► The conflict in Darfur, Sudan, has led to some of the worst human rights abuses imaginable, including murder, rape, abduction and displacement. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed and over 2.5 million civilians have been displaced. Learn more about the crisis here.

    Blog about the crisis in Darfur and ask readers to take action

    Invite your friends and use the power of your worlds to change something!


    Polish web

    Thanks to Robin, I got to read this cool article with a ranking of the most popular websites used by UK-based Poles. Interesting, how it truly reflect the reality of the lifestyle of this minority…Also, YouTube on the 3rd place. The more I learn about social media, the more impressed I become by the Polish web. Not only seeing Polish versions of international venues amongst main languages (English, German, Spanish, etc), but also reading Polish blogs on social media and checking the quality of Polish websites (Zubrowka, Frugo, Heyah, and others).


    My First Post

    Szyba twierdzisz
    Błędnie podjęta decyzja
    Coś tak małego, że pęka przy
    Azt mondod Ablak – valami
    Kikristályosodott döntés – kép –
    Telenség – annyira, mint/hogy
    A takaritás
    Glass – say, “Not”
    Spoken – on the path taken – so be it
    So – small, unprotected, crashed
    When clearly defined
    Słowa, Szó, Words
    Undertaken – Not!

    When someone makes you a cup of coffee – ActionAid UK Blogger Tea Party



    I start to realise that I will post on this blog not more than few times a week because there is so much I need to DO to be able to share my experiences with you – I simply do not have time to sit down. I am taking notes on paper, on my phone, on photos…

    Like this one above. It was taken on Thursday in a blogger event organised by ActionAid UK in London. I was asked to join (mainly mummy) bloggers and present my top blogging tips, which even though felt a bit awkward went pretty well. We had a great discussion about the notion of paid or unpaid blog reviews, trusted voice and the need to tell stories. I am really happy to see that other bloggers nodded when I asked if their blogging changes their lives – if anything, My Little Coffee Blog is changing me immensely! 

    It was really good to learn about the work with child sponsorship, women issues and community development from people who were there, on the ground. This charity is doing great work not only on the ground but also in building the relationships between donors and kids. I could not stop but wonder if one day I could actually travel to few locations of their work and blog about the work their doing. I would love to dig into the topic of coffee production and fair trade. Actually, I think that the seed of going to at least one ActionAid UK location is already planted in my head…

    I was privileged to meet many wonderful bloggers who proved to be really creative when it comes to suggestions on how social media can help the ActionAid UK’s cause. So good to sit in one room with similarly minded people! 

    It was good to see so many ActionAid UK employees actually joining us at the Tea Party. I left with a memory of something extremely simple, but really humane and kind – one of the ActionAid UK girls made me a coffee. As opposed to the tea placed on the table one had to ask for a cup of coffee to be made for them – which also meant that each cup was fresh;) It’s the fact that someone bothered to do it for me…the idea of preparing a drink for someone else…it is something I would like to investigate more. Coffee is so embedded in our every day lives that I am sure that we have many small stories of really emotional moments with coffee. If you do – let me know! I would love to hear them! 



    Those two imperfect cups of cappuccino

    Today my enthusiasm took me all the way to the local store to purchase few additions to our kitchen and to try out our coffee machine in making a cappuccino. Initially, inspired by Gregory Gorham’s posters,  I wanted to make an Italian, Spanish or Irish coffee but I think it would look rather wild to purchase all required bottles of alcohol in one go! So I thought I’d take what is available (no Amaretto!?), try to make a cappuccino and improvise with the rest. Well, my version of Spanish coffee contained not Tia Maria with Rum but Amontillado (drink that inspired E.A. Poe to write one of his best and most terrifying stories, but also related to Montilla, little town in South of Spain which I happened to visit once). It was gentle, slightly sublime and very shocking when combined with chocolate and mint sauce (maybe a very bad idea or maybe something ti try out once again and see if I really like it). In any case very warm for a rainy afternoon! 

    @Zerolab tasted a cup of coffee with Kahlua (obviously I was happy to learn it’s a Mexan product!:)) topped with flakes of real chocolate he brought from Belarus (also great memory because it was as large as a regular brick, so Dawid and I were in heaven seeing this treat!). He liked it! 

    To be fair on our dear Dawid I have made a hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate and mint sauce. He loved the toppings and asked for more, obviously;) 


    We had a great treat in real Christmas spirit but I was really frustrated with the fact that I am still far away from a perfect cappuccino and closer to a good latte;). I have so much to learn! 


    Magic of charity shops


    Inspired by @coffenvanilla’s link to a moss terrarium gallery I used my lunch today for tour around the local charity shops. I wanted to find a nice flat glass bowl for a plant I have ready but I could not buy moon sand so I did not create a mini zen garden…yet;) I did however come across a sweet set of two Bulgarian folk cups – perfect for my newly received coffee press! I paid £3.50 for the set of two and a tiny milk jug. Love them!