Oxford Twestival

Oxford Twestival became a part of my life now, but last Thursday I have realised something very important: the people who created Twestival in Oxford made it such an extraordinary event! I know it’s mainly a charity event and I am really happy to see we have almost reached the target! But the point is it was sooooo good to see Alissa, Graeme, Jo-Ho, Markus, Nick, Colin and many other familiar faces joining us at this really small event. It was so good to share this event with @Zerolab and his friends too! It was very importnat to share ice-cream with @Darthberne and have a good chat.  It was great to work with @Truck_Store and see the event shaped into another “local” place to be. Here are the notes from the night, and we have a video write up on the way, but I really do not think the virtual experience can replace being there on the night. Saying that I remain endlessly grateful to Oleg, Paula, Ben and others who donated through JustGiving this way getting involved too – you are all part of this great movement. Big hugs to all of you!;)

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