Choose Privacy Week and UAE Barcamp session

It’s Choose Privacy Week in the US, which prompted me to research issues of privacy myself, but me – I am increasingly interested in privacy of kids and teenagers as they are the early adopters of new technologies, as well as active users of social media – and it’s time to start taking them seriously instead of talking over their heads. I know I might sound harsh, I am just worried that 1. the amount of discussion around kids online privacy is small and limited to locally supported initiatives, 2. the importance of those conversations with kids is nowhere near enough, 3. it is us, parents, who take should understand the tools kids are using to be able to protect their privacy.

I do not live in the US, but I see my local library taking action for kids’ sake by giving away flyers on children on-line safety, as well as placing them in their IT section. I really wish it would happen everywhere.

I am using this occasion to spend more time talking to people (as I will be less online due to my trip to GV Summit), but I hope to finish the week with a small virtual presentation on kids on-line safety during UAE Barcamp in Dubai, so if you have any ideas or comments, do share them now. And me, as usual, I will keep you posted;)


  • floatr

    Few things I'll be thinking about for this session:1. Perceptions of information privacy and safety by digital natives (say, kids) and non-digital natives (say, parents)2. Perceptions of threat and control by the two groups3. Scenarios in a future that has all digital natives.Makes sense? Or is it totally off from what you are thinking about?

  • floatr

    When did I say we only have an hour? :p A couple of sessions, this time, will be on for the whole day. :)(Music and Lego play by the masses)

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