Technology For Transparency Report released

(click on the image to download the full report in .pdf or go to DOWNLOADS page)

If you have not seen the announcement on Global Voices, here it is. After 4 months of solid work, the researchers of Global Voices team of Technology for Transparency Network have put together the report with recommendations to projects related to the topic from all around the world. I am posting it here for two reasons, I would love everyone to have a look at the findings and brilliant work some of the projects do – and we do not really know about due to the language barrier. I would also like to point it out to my friends interested in transparency topics specifically. Please note – the work was done with the limited amount of resources, so the featured projects really representative for each region. We know now, that there will be more work done in the area, so if you have any feedback or specific projects to point out I urge you to do so here, or under the original post, as it will help the global network of people dedicated to the topic in developing common agenda and support smaller initiatives. As you can see, it’s under Creative Commons, so please share it!

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