Let’s talk about anger!

This post is a response to ActionAid UK’s call for bloggers to support their Get Lippy campaign. Tonight we will talk about ANGER. Esther, as you can learn from the video I will embed below must have felt really angry learning that her house was burned down and the land was taken away. I do not own a house, but I have a mac for example, which is my source of income and I would be really pissed off it someone would suddenly decide to take it. Now, loosing a house and ALL possessions is something I can hardly imagine. OK, I was in a situation once when with one year old child I could pack only one back and head off, but I had a job – job completely unrelated to the house or the land. Hence why it is difficult for me to comprehend the scale of Esther’s tragedy. Seven children… Anger can be powerful in times when we are low and need to put up with unexpected events life is setting on our path. Anger is a natural reaction to danger and to attack. Most of the time though anger can destroy everything we have worked for – all gone, in once second. I myself was extremely angry this morning. I was so angry I demanded and cried – yes, I did. I might have been right somewhat, I might have had my reasons, but I still think it was an unacceptable feeling in all its limitless power. I felt overwhelmed. The reason why I write this is for you to understand that anger is toxic – once you become exposed to it it gets under your skins, it collects all your insecurities and worries and builds on those to strike again. Once planted anger can kill easily – with words, with gestures, with actions. This is the reason why we need laws and protection…really from ourselves. We need to stop the injustice and the destruction caused by those who do not feel restricted and limited by objective rules of society. I am sad to see that in many countries still lack those rules. I am terrified to know that in the UK we still have the unspoken patterns to fight. But I have found my own way around it – I have found love and understanding in those who know me well, who is there for me when my own walls fall down and attempt to crash them. I strongly believe that this can be replicated on any scale by contradicting the wrong with lawful and the angry with the loved. So please, think about it and join the ActionAid UK’s campaign – there is a lot you can do, with words, gestures and actions.


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