Let’s talk about fear!


I posted already that I was asked to support ActionAid UK’s Get Lippy campaign, so in the next few days, you will see a series of posts on women issues – from my very personal point of view. Today we will talk about FEAR. I have spent the whole day working with people who dare to embrace the change that social media brings. Equally, at the back of my head I lived all the small and big mistakes I have made and reasons why a part of me is so disappointed with myself tonight. I look at my life and I start to understand the scale of the impact of my environment for many years which built my own limitations. I think we should all have a chance to develop, to work, to be proud of ourselves…yet, I cannot help but think of times when I used to be so scared for my own life that I was paralyzed. I lived 3 years of my life in fear for my own life, without even understanding it fully – hence why today I feel legitimate to stand up and speak up for all the women who feel the same – for many specific and even more undiscovered issues and mechanism surrounding them. Some changes are really easy – it’s enough to walk out of the door, but some take time, courage and a little bit of risk, so I really hope to see more women like Najila sharing their stories  and calling for a change. There is nothing worst than the feeling of fear, fear in your own house. Some words are difficult to come out to the open, we all know it – do not lie to yourself that you don’t! But some words can conquer countries – in a way, this is exactly what we face in the Middle East nowadays – courage of the spoken word. So today I will ask you, every single reader of mine, to navigate over to ActionAid’s website and at least read those stories to decide if you want to help – sometimes even a good word can change the path of a woman. You do not know. You might not care. But do you have anything to loose?


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