What if you do not even realise that you are not well?

For a start just a few random thoughts:

  • It’s really difficult to see or think outside of our own box.
  • Sometimes we do not even realise we actually need help because we are not well.
  • Very often the right solution is just few steps away but without help we are left in the dark.

You probably think I am talking about creativity, solutions to our everyday problems but actually in this case I am talking about epilepsy. See to me this particular disease belongs to the category of remote, overheard but not really one I was ever exposed to myself, so I very often tend to skip mentionings of it in mainstream media. At least I did until I met Karijn and her NGO based in Nairobi, Kenya. I have posted about their work earlier on but today I would like to share a story of one of their volunteers. This particular one made me realise that stories like this one make us more sensitive to topics we would otherwise simply ignore. So listen to it, I hope it will make you think!

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