Thinking about joining Twixtmas

Just read on about Twixtmas and thinking about joining it. From December 27th to the 31st there are several things we can do to use the free time for a good cause. The first day is for us, second for others, third for our friends, fourth for the Earth, fifth for our future – it all seems like a good schedule for meditation of where we are, where we can and should be in 2010. Shall we? Any one fancy joining me in using those… (I think it’s a brilliant idea, but there is one, an obvious bit missing – what has this whole idea to do with Twitter? I am assuming I should tweet my commitments with #twixmas hashtag, but I am not sure – we could do with instructions on the site, or is it there and I missed it?)

UPDATE: it has nothing to do with Twitter;)

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