Blogger Interview – Paula G贸es from Global Voices Online

As some of you know I stayed in London this week visiting my best friend, Anna, and another very good friend, Paula, who works for Global Voices Online. Paula’s flat became my home for last three days and I felt it really difficult and sad to leave to work today!:( Last night I have managed to convince Paula to tell me (and you!) few words about her newest blog, as well as work for Global Voices and generally the Global Voices spirit.

I really hope you will find her words at least just as inspiring as I did:)聽 Here is is (apologies for cheating, I was told I’ll be able to embed it properly soon;), alternatively check the widget on the sidebar to listen to it on my blog!):

You can read her newest blog in Portuguese here! Thank you, once again, Paula, for your being such a wonderful person and great host! And thank you for the interview! 馃檪 btw, transcription is mistaken, we did not have ‘blocks of chocolate’, only a box of chocolate;)


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