‘Bringing Nothing to the Party’ – Paul Carr

I like Paul Carr’s book. I like the fact he describes the community of people interested in social media from a business perspective. I honour his openness. I admire his almost cruel self-criticism.
Book raised a few questions in my head:
1. Why some of us want to be famous and/or make money from our projects/blogs?
2. Why do capital cities tend to generate an open field for niche communities like the one described in the book, to the extent of becoming a prisoner of the place we live in (I experienced it myself while living in Budapest)?
3. If we blog why do we start getting interested in social media in general?
4. And finally: why do we blog?
5. How does our social media involvement change our life?
I have no answers to those questions, but the reality described in the book brings me closer to finding them out. It’s enough to look at Abby Lee’s example (nicely put in the context by Carr) to see how life changing our online behaviour can be.
I strongly advise everyone involved or interested in PR, marketing and social media read this book. Its extracts were recently published here. Paul Carr is also on Twitter.

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