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Inspired by @kkiliszek (author of this photo) I have decided to list ten things you might not know about me (I don’t do web memes but this one is actually reminding me of early years of primary school and journaling games so doing it).
1. I am a cat person.
2. I speak 4 languages relatively well, but I can get my way around most of the continental Europe (worked in 8 once as a software consultant and got away with it:))
3. My first name is originally Celtic, stands for a female version of Sylvanus – God of the woods – and I do feel at home in nature
4. My ancestors were a hunting Tatar tribe with a relatively matriarchal society – miss a lot of aspects of it: respect towards women, contract movement of home and close relationship with Mother Nature – I am a Gypsy/Traveler at heart (both terms are lovely for me)
5. My surname stands for Asian fox and comes from the fact that my ancestors hunted for them and wore coats made of them. People would call them “That Korsak” as a nickname but they embraced it,l. When settled in Lithuania, the King of Poland offered them land and family name in exchange for going to war on his side, they chose “Korsak” – the name resonates so I have a lot of random cousins on my Facebook
6. If born in Middle Ages I’d be in trouble. Dad’s family had plenty of land and servants (not proud of it!) while mum would have been a peasant. Oops..I’d like to think that’s no longer a problem, but class system sometimes proves me wrong;)
7. I hated the boring routine of school mornings so much my parents had to let me stay home once every two weeks at least, so I spent a lot of time travelling with dad instead, deal was to have good grades.
8. I still hate routine so once a week I need to deviate from my own rules and do things differently, at least once a week.
9. I don’t enjoy alcohol, it’s a waste of time and money. As a species we don’t need it anymore, and I am told we are growing allergic to it. I might be an example.
10. No, I cannot sleep without socks!

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