On journaling

What would I do without my morning writing? I am currently undergoing seismic shifts at the core of my being – partly due to my course (advanced counselling studies make one raw as you peel layers of your biases), partly due to the events around the world.

I am so grateful for the pages where I can ramble out all those atoms and then go on with work and with life. People are most important in life, but so is our connection with our inner world. We need to nurture all those layers to make sure nothing gets left unaddressed as it might impact our clients. It’s hard, painful work but when we heal it is also so rewarding. 

Lewis Wedlock said last night that 2020 feels like a decade and a day. To me, it was so much so, and more: layers, currents, circles, departures and arrivals, a lot of unveiling and a lot of grounding. I’ve seen the world in its rawest form, and I’ve seen myself so too. It’s nuanced, scary, exciting, deepening, grounding. I hope and I trust our new future. I am hopeful that the tide is shifting and new me and new us are emerging.

But for now, I am writing it all out for my own wellbeing.

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