Twinterval – meeting people we already know?

Last nights Twinterval was not only a great party, but also an extraordinary occasion to meet followed Twitter users. It’s a strange feeling when you meet someone personally for the first time but you actually know quite a lot about them, and have exchanged few tweets…

It was great to meet Michal finally, even though it took us a while to find each other;)

I am extremely happy that I also managed to meet the Girl personally, and explain what impact her book had on my life (you do not get to talk to writers of your favourite books every day, right?). Pity I missed Amanda – I apologise, but I am crap at recognising people – I bet I was standing just next to you few times;) Both girls did great job in preparing the event and I hope to see more of those in the future.

I met lot’s of interesting people and really had a great time! Thank you all!

Also, thanks to Colin for the ticket and ensuring I always had a beer (very charming indeed), people from We Are Social for saying hello and to Lolly for letting me stay at her place – so good I didn’t have to travel at night!:)

Photos are already up on Flickr.

Update: tojulius just reminded me of the final aspect of the party – it was not only fun to open the goody pack on the tube and discuss newest inventions of Hello Kitty (!?), but also to realise I actually got something I wanted for Christmas! Ah, how cool is that?;)


  • Documentally

    Apart from being knackered last night after a day in ‘the city’ I dipped out of Twinterval as not being local it was a gamble for me to hang around in London only to find out Twinterval would be a clone of Twestival.Twestival was a great night out but i could only have a fraction of the conversations I get at the usual Soc Med get togethers.We need a space/place where people can drink, talk and be heard.The ICA is great for this. I always leave thinking I have given and gained so much.. There is maximum interaction.Club environments are fantastic places to party, to get drunk and let go.. I just feel that when i am with my like minded Twitter folk in a club.. The communication is missing.I guess if i was local and there were regular social media haunts i would just hang out there.. Maybe i am just getting old and want to see my mind expanded at every meeting.. :)After all.. If i want to saturate myself in hedonistic and ever so slightly debauched social media.. I have @philcampbells N0shit 🙂

  • sylwiapresley

    Documentally,I get your point, and I think it’s good to have both – occasion to party and socialise (even if it’s only few sentences ‘oh, hi, it’s you, great to meet you’) like last night, and places like Media Camp on Saturday – aimed more on actual exchange of skills and experiences to share knowledge about social media. Personally I hope both will continue happening.alan p,It was great to meet you too!:)

  • Mauricio Reyes

    I’m sure its to do with age as well. When you’re younger club settings are fine and generally conversations consist of screaming the odd word into someones ear like “love this tune man!” or “I’ll have another beer”, but when you are a little older and you want to get into discussions you need more quiet and intimate surroundings. I felt it worked nicely with the crowd that was there last night. I missed the twestival but found the twinterval to be great for chatting to fellow twitterers

  • sylwiapresley

    OK, I admit, I felt awkward for a bit at the beginning – as a single mum of a 3 year old I sometimes do – but as I saw people coming over I actually enjoyed the openness and free atmosphere I actually felt happy to be around interesting people having at least one in common (Twitter account;))- and as for the atmosphere I am sure pub/bar does it.

  • Girl with a one track mind

    Just popping in to say -a) it was lovely to meet you too, sywia, and I was genuinely touched by what you saidb) Documentally, I agree what you’re saying about a ‘club’ environment, and one of the things Amanda and I were certain about for Twinterval, was that there would be a *strict* limit on the volume of any music, because we felt the most important thing was that people could *talk* to one another. So there was no DJ, and the music was kept as background atmos only. The result was that people got to chat very easily – without shouting! hurrah! – and it was more of a social meet-up, than anything else. Shame you weren’t there!

  • Dan Thornton

    Didn’t you also manage the cool trick of getting a free beer out of @tojulius?If it makes you feel better, having an 8 month old and staying out for Twinterval means I’m not likely to make one of the company Christmas parties, because my other half needs a night off!

  • sylwiapresley

    Indeed, shared it with others though – I am a useless drinker:(Well done for commitment!:) I am sure your other half will appreciate that!

  • sylwiapresley

    The Girl – yes, your comment landed in my spam folder – how bizarre!:/ – anyway, it’s up now.It was great to meet you too, and be able to share my thoughts;) Thank you once again for great party and forum for networking!

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