Media Camp #2

Before I post about Saturday’s Media Camp #2 I wanted to wait a bit and think it over, because due to the bad weather I was so upset that I felt like spending a few days away from social media altogether – but that’s unfair, and since Documentally mentioned need for a place to share thoughts about venues and places online when commenting on my Twinterval post, I thought I add short info about Media Camp #2 as well.

Media Camp on Saturday was already the second edition of this series and as far as I can see on Social Media Maffia’s blog there is more to come (quite soon one in Oxford, which is even more exciting!). It is aimed to provide a forum for discussion around social media in several topics – this time it was those 4:

1. Digital.Creative::games / web development / animation
2. Be seen.Get heard::Social Media / Communication / PR / Advertising / Business
3. Techno.Teaching::Educational Technology/teachers
4. Over2U::The room to use when you just don’t fit the boxes but have something to share!

Lolly and I managed to get there (I would never ever get there without her!) by 10.30 due to the fact my train was late from the shire (country flooded after one night of rain?:/), but we still had time to check emails before the discussion ‘Will PR inherit the social media earth?’ kicked off. It was great to see input from people who do work in social media, from people who have nothing to do with it, and from us – guys working in Word of Mouth. A similar exchange of experiences continued during next session ‘A DIY approach to online monitoring’.

After lunch (and Colin laptop’s lunch…) I joined guys talking about brand engagement, transparency and non-profit projects – all of which interest me a lot, even though only a few relate to my current work.

I heard and myself had a few comments about the venue – because rooms were quite separated and only socialising area was one floor lower – which made it difficult to find everyone in the same place. But today I see it differently – if you wanted, you could go to the bar or simply chat to people wherever they are. The main focus was supposed to be working in groups and that is what actually happened.

I am glad to see this initiative and hope it continues. Personally, I think it needs more input from my industry, but that can be easily sorted next time, I hope.

Photos on Flickr here, but do check the Twitter updates from all attendees (special thanks to anniemole and alex4d for posting notes on each session) to see what we have talked about it. Great notes!

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