Our trip to Budapest was really intense  – both emotionally, as well as full of experiences. Images, sounds, words of people I knew back then and who stayed the same or changed drastically – all of this still vibrates in my heart. I can only look at pictures I took and gradually digest it all. Work-wise though I have made few observations. First of all social integration – the Facebook icon is almost on each ad  – used wisely with the full URL (please do not assume that I can find you within this network!;) ) Twitter seems to be less popular. Foursquare exists almost just virtually – as opposed to many places advertising their Facebook location! I have seen Glamour magazine promotion inviting girls to bring their old accessories to a pop-up shop in a shopping mall – those obviously grew in numbers all across the city. QR codes are not a big deal at all, so I was happy to see that general public is not so excited about them anymore. Public transport tickets have their unique QR codes (quite a contrast to the fact that the cashier used manually set up the stamp to mark the date of my weekly ticket!), so do the posters promoting various products. I did not get to talk to my more geeky friends this time, I did find out however about Facebook hostessing service – the idea of running promotions though pretty looking (genuine and offline known) girls with large Facebook fellowship. I would love to learn more about the mechanics of those! As I said, we only had few days to look around and hardly any free time – I did not even have time to grab a local paper, not to mention reading it – but I hope to go back shortly and learn more. Budapest is eclectic as always!


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