Can we measure the real value of social media?

Watch it, this post with hit a few marketers, but really I am here to talk about…love. What would we do without Skype and other modern tools?! How would our loves look like? I am not sure. I know however that when one of us is away, I find them irreplaceable. Quick SMS, that you have arrived or just being able to see how tired you are after few days of skiing. Just a glimpse of your ‘there and now’ fills out the gap of your absence next to me. But sometimes even when we are sitting next to each other texting the warm words “me more”;) I am melting. The very fact we both sometimes check our Twitter feeds in bed in the evening or early in the morning makes me smile – why? because once again I realize yet another thing we have in common, that’s all. I do not really like to read the Twitter news so much;) I happen to live the life of multi-channeled communication but all of it would be entirely meaningless without the true touch, warmth, scent and electricity under my skin. I guess the same applies to many other relationships. We live them sometimes for years in virtual friendships, building the towers of mutual understanding; arguing our points or simply bonding over a morning coffee – all this so that one day we can sit down on a bench in the sunshine and simply say with endless meaning “So, how is life today” – face to face. Can we measure the value of those precious moments? No, I do not think so, but I am glad – I would hate to loose that chest of treasures to yet another social media guru;)


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