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If you ask me, iPad is a device designed for kids (and if for grown ups then just because we ARE big kids in disguise). So when we talk about safe, but effective and in dept Internet usage for children Ipad apps become an increasingly important topic. I have found two interesting blogs dedicated to iPad apps for kids, iPadforkids and apps4kids. Over at Online Classes, there is a good list of learning apps for kids. TechRadar in the UK posted the best 10. Mashable includes kids apps in their usual updates, like this one on books re-designed for iPad. Now, I will obviously have my own opinions about various apps my 5-year-old is using, so let me start with just a few we really like, and maybe one or two we had to delete.

  • First of all, Angry Birds – classing game for all ages. It’s brilliant, it’s funny, and it gives my son a great feeling of success. A simple thing, but the fact that he can go back to all previous levels help every time he gets stuck with the highest one.
  • NASA app – a great solution to the issue of YouTube browsing (which cannot really be controlled). Here, everything happens within the app, so parents can be sure that the child accesses only kids friendly content.
  • Kid Art for iPad – a great tool for kids creativity with few nice pre-defined themes and options to save creations easily.
  • Drawing Pad – even better than Kid Art for iPad. Dawid loves the stickers idea and endless options for tools and colours.
  • Intro to Math and Intro to Letters gave us a good start to accept the notion of learning on iPad. When faced with the choice of various action games, kids might think learning is boring. Those two little apps are very simple, visually friendly and engaging.
  • Simon’s Cat iPad app – now, we love this one simply because we love Simon’s Cat.
  • Lego Ninjago – we love it because we love LEGO;)
  • Dinopedia by National Geographic – great app for dino lovers!
  • And now we are getting more and more interested in apps related to books, but the only one we like so far is Peekaboo Forest.

That’s all from me – let me know, what YOU like, so we can test it too!;)


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