My three words for 2011

OK, I will join this one, although a bit late, but simply because was reminded about it by the ThreeWordsMe on Facebook. Chris Brogan has asked his readers to post three words on their plans for 2011 – I think it’s a good way to define one’s plans. I think PRODUCE, PUBLISH, PROMOTE.

  • PRODUCE – I want to put on paper, create and deliver end products of my work. I did a lot of studying, researching last year. Production is a natural step forward, which probably will be followed by evaluation, I guess.
  • PUBLISH – I want to blog a lot. I want to blog here, on our company blog, on CEE MySociety blog, on Global Voices, on THINK and in new spaces. I want to write a lot.
  • PROMOTE – I ave met so many talented and inspiring people recently that I want to promote their great work and ideas. I want to use the skills and experience I acquired and develop those to promote good ideas even more.

And you, what are your three words for the new year?

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