Social Media – revolution?

Very often in my private life (sometimes at work too – and by work I mean not only paid commitments but voluntary work as well) I feel like I provide the bridge between older and newer technologies simply by showing benefits of new forms of communication channels. Some of us argue nowadays, that term ‘social media’ is not the best to use – maybe it’s truth, but for many, it is still a term they have to learn, adapt to and comprehend. Euan is making an interesting point in regards to the commercial environments, I am more interested in personal branding and ways we use the web to tell our story. Some of my friends pick up blogging, but are still not eager to use others channels. Others remain loyal primarily to social networking. I am convinced that devices like mobile phones, iPad and anything new on the horizon will increase the number of early adopters of new media. I am also pretty sure that the ways we use those new media will reflect our personal approach to life – some of us will push it and stick our nose in the devices all day long to consume new solutions; others will invest the time in relationships, self-development and still go back to the evenings with wine and Edit Piaf vinyls…

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