My Top Blogging Tips 3: Plan your content and tonality

We all do it. We hate the word “strategy” yet we know what we want to do here, on our blog let’s say in the next few weeks – even if the plan is…not to plan, not to strategize, not to commit;) It’s important for our readers to know a little bit what to expect. I do not mean actually publishing your content plan or intentions but gradually building up your tonality, posting on particular topics, setting up the rhythm of your blog.

As readers, we want to feel the atmosphere of your blog. We want to know when to expect the next post – or not to wait for it, just check the site now and again. We want to know what types of topics your blog usually addresses and from that point of view, we do like consistency.

And then one day if anything changes we like to be guided into the change – we like to be told about a new event you are to attend and expected a rise in the volume of your posts. We like to understand why suddenly your blog has additional Flickr widget so that we check the blog in a browser, not only in RSS reader.

We are all learning this stuff and I am convinced that to some extent we are all experimenting with innovation. I just think that now and again it’s worth stopping, looking back and deciding how we take our blog to the next level.

I personally spend Christmas time on looking back at my year and around the end of the year I re-think my approach to blogging and the web in general. I am sure you can find your own best time and approach, but whatever you do – share it with your audience and educate them on the how of your blog – directly, though the way you do it or simply by consistency in your posts.

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