Oxford Twestival is back!


Twestival is just like Barcamp Nonprofits – every single event is different and it depends mainly on the contributions from the attendees, there is only so much we, the organisers can prepare. I am really happy to announce that Oxford Twestival is back and shortly you will hear about us more. I am currently working on the social media team of global Twestival so you might have seen me posting about it already but before we get too excited, let’s just go back and look at few moments from the history of our local Twestival events!  Remember Oxford Twestival for Pegasus Theatre? We have aimed for £800 for this amazing nonprofit and considering the size of our venue I think we did great! Here is a small video of one of the performances. Back at the Living Room we had nice cupcakes, enjoyed music and a special Oxford Twestival cocktail too. Our first Oxford Twestival hosted for Oxfam (raised around £1,500! thank you!) opened with Ben Walker’s famous “Twitter Song” and continued with performances from many amazing Oxford artists.



Thank you for all your support!


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