Wychwood Festival – write-up

Camping was fun

I have spent all this time looking at reactions to the Wychwood Festival and I didn’t get around to post mine! So here it is;) First of all – disclosure – attending the festival was related to my work, but also to the fact I received a free blogger pass to cover the event on-line. I did it on this blog, my iPadio account, on Flickr and YouTube (via Qik). I hope all those files will give you an idea of the atmosphere, music and other events.

Here I would like to add my very personal points.

1. Kids.

I am going back with Dawid next year.I might be over-sensitive when it comes to child-friendly events, simply because I am a single mother and I hate to feel at least a bit restricted and having to compromise my sons or my own time – we should be able to share as much of each other’s worlds as possible. (Hence why I liked the registration to Nottingham Media Camp btw;) as they provided childcare facilities for the day!). Wychwood was advertised as kids friendly event, and indeed – it is full of kids activities. But more than those, I really appreciate the attitude of parents who take their children to all ‘grown up’ performances. I must say that I do not see it happening too often in the UK. So from that point of view, I am happy I can be surrounded by similarly minded people, who care to introduce their little ones to good music from early days on!

2. Music.

Right, this is totally subjective, so please do not take my words for granted! I like to discover all types of music when I move to a new country, so obviously, I enjoy the festival and its intense programme. At Wychwood, however, I was drawn to BBC Introducing stage to see upcoming artists – somehow I feel strongly about those after few years of gigs in Budapest. I must say though that even the main stage – probably due to the featured types of music – remained personal, almost intimate experience.

3. Venue and security

After 10 years of no camping in my life, I was let out to put up a tent. Well, thanks to new developments ‘int he field’ I was ok with that bit. I forgot to order few other crucial bits, so I do not think I was sane when packing;) Well, we survived. Camping in the quiet area proved slightly misleading too – as it is designed for people with smaller children, and smaller children do not sleep all night long;) Well, they do, but if at 3 AM you hear a guy calling ‘Allan! ….Allan!….Alllan!” above your head and start giggling (one from BBC Animals?), kids definitely do not sleep. I was very impressed with clean toilets and showers – magic! I loved the space and layout of the festival. I just wish I had more time to see healing gardens bit and enjoy it properly! Security of the place was really good! During one of my interviews, I learned that kids are allowed to run around as they wish simply because the place is so safe!

4. Food

Shortly: Mexican food  (all), chocolate – banana pancakes for breakfast (as many as you can! so good!), Indonesian mix (magic!) and finally even burgers (from the tweeting burger sellers;)) – really nice range of meals there. And the Pimm’s bus of course;).

5. Atmosphere

Peaceful, friendly, it all feels like a big family. It made me happy I met a half-Polish guy, Richard, who knows the event from many years now. I was impressed with Connor 912 years old) and his clear plans for future, as well as his dad’s support. I loved the commitment of all organizers and security. I really enjoyed chatting to charities and sellers. Press tent was brilliant, especially during the rain, when we finally all met in one place;)

What else can I say? I am trying to remain neutral – as I was involved the n marketing of the event. However it is worth pointing out that social media marketing works only for good products and services, and I can say with honest conviction that Wychwood Festival is value for the money. Really good start to the summer!

Thank you to Stefan and Graeme for invitation and opportunity to be – in a way – part of the team;) I really enjoyed that and I will spread the word about your great work. Keep it up and see you next year:)

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