Pinterest for fundraising – case study

We have talked about collaboration during February Social Media Week in London so here is a great case study how a new social media tool combined with a little bit of it can support fundraising activities. I say “support” because I personally think that it’s good to have a good mix of various fundraising methods and not to rely on just one method and one social media avenue.

As Pinterest becomes more and more popular we start to see nonprofits on it but now also quite good case studies of particular fundraising activities. 10 Minute Teabreak is basically a collaborative board of pins (bookmarked visuals) related to the topic of the tea party:

Friday 2 March 2012 is 10 Minute Teabreak day. Have a cuppa with friends, family or colleagues and get them to pay for their tea, coffee and cake for Quarriers! Feel free to add your pins of cake, tea and coffee related photos! Don’t have time for a Teabreak? Text ‘BREW10 £1’ to 70070 – you’ll be helping some of the most vulnerable people in society.

I found myself in it simply added by a friend and as a coffee blogger, I obviously had a bit of material to add. Call it a classic example of clicktivism yet by adding my personal photos to the board according to the current Pinterest copyrights I am allowing the charity to use them for fundraising activities.

Simple, well executed and actually quite fun! As a contributor, I get to connect with people dedicated to the cause and to the topic – which is, of course, a bonus! I really like this one!

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