How blogging changes together with my life

2010 has been a very extraordinary year in my life. It feels like all the paths I took so far have finally met and I can clearly see the road ahead, but also evaluate the past. I think I did not have a more difficult and challenging year yet, but maybe only because I seem to measure it all in the intensity of the emotions I got to feel, I am not sure. Our memories fade away and turn into the ever living pictures of our desires and hopes, so obviously all my previous years look brighter now, all my choices make sense. Rich has posted something very important today (again, he always does) stating that believing is achieving. Miranda has described perfectly the feeling of a return to our small habits and childhood memories, and I cannot help but wonder: how did I get here? You know, I did not feel this way before at the beginning of any of the previous years. I feel the shift in my life is taken on a shape – a majestic ship painted in all the colours of the rainbow, even pink…slowly resting on the shore of a quiet island, waiting….but once you come closer you start to notice the tattoos all over its body – the drawings left all over its surface..each telling its own story…little mosaic of who I am, and of the world the way I saw it back then, the way I see it now and always will comprehend. My way. All this reflected in his eyes, in his life. I met a man, who validated everything I am, I am not and I am supposed to be. Hence the change to my blog. I have only one commitment to this place – remain true to myself. This blog has always been the journal of my story, the one I was writing but on many occasions, life subscribed pretty heavily. We always think we walk our paths on our own but do we? I plan my on-line paths carefully.

I plan what I am going to say.

Yet, I wake up every single morning with my head full of ideas and dreams and I know – at least one of them will come true…on that particular day. I will make it so. So I hope you feel at least in a small bit of this reading my blog.

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