Exhibitions: Landscapes

My next exhibition will be hosted in Vale & Downland Museum in Wantage. I have collected 20 pictures taken during my business travels in the last three years to showcase that if we really wish to the time CAN stop and we can always find a little magic in the ordinary – even if it’s on the way to the next appointment or rushing to meet the next deadline. I have a feeling that our lives speed up. We work 24/7 with no clear boundaries of private and professional, so why not make the most of what life has to offer and enjoy the glimpse of sublime in the world around us? Every time I travel to London I discover a new scene, new image, new landscape. Europe is even more amazing. So to see it though my lenses do join me in March in Wantage! I will be at the Museum on 9th of March from 1 to 3 PM so join me for a coffee and chat too.


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