Listening skills in practice

I spent two hours yesterday reading the Introduction to Counselling by John McLeod – the chapter on the history of counselling as a profession both in the US and in the UK. It helped me a lot to place the counselling next to sciences I have already studied: post-modernism in literature and psychology in teaching methodology. It feels nice to unveil those new areas and I really like the idea of going back all the way to Freud and reading about his works again. But I also cannot wait to hear learn about the practice. Something nice and motivating happened to me too this week. I met a woman who has turned her life around for better so drastically thanks to my listening and comments, that I was just overwhelmed. I was trying to remember and hold that feeling as it made me think of something McLeod mentioned in his first chapter – counselling is hard and often feels like ‘just listening and talking’ but very often it is so impactful when councillor feels the results of their work and changes people’s lives for better. I really like this feeling and I hope I can be good at it – I could get used to this type of ‘saving one person at a time’.

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