What a great time to be a student!

I am tired but happy. Work started and I feel it creeping into my learning time but I am determined. On one hand, I am taking on more work to allow myself more books and courses. On the other hand, I am pushing myself harder to stick to the working time – I just do work in advance. Today I did work for two clients for the entire month, so I do not have to worry about them and can study. I did the 4th week of positive psychology and moved on to the definition of love – which is very meaningful and -as opposed to static status-like meanings – is actually effective in daily life. I really enjoy studying emotions.  I decided to read ‘The art of loving’ by Fromm once again. It shaped my view on relationships since university but I could do with a reminder now, after this positive psychology course too (I aim to finish it by 18.09). Last night I have also read about neuro-psychanalysis – which is a very exciting new branch of psychology. It does make sense for Freudians and neuro-linguists to collaborate though it was a reminder of my academic experiences to learn that they have initially remained in mutual disrespect for quite a while (not even reading each other’s journals!). It’s all good now and I have managed to find a lot of their published findings online, for free. EU countries announced today that they are aiming to ensure that by 2020 all academic results and work are free. What a great time to be a student!

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