After the English-Ojibwe dictionary this is my second book read in both languages. What a story! You can find out more about the main character, a real figure fighting for the health of water, Mother Earth and people in general over at motherearthwaterwalk.com – I cannot believe just how much easier it is to research and connect with Ojibwe stories in 2020 comparing to the 90’s when I was a student and I came across one of them on IRC.

Such generous and honourable people – even then I was sent their dictionary by post and encouraged to study their stories. Back then I waited for the book for weeks, today I got it the next day….we are so well connected now…but are we making the most of it? I so wish in this divided world people would celebrate the diversity and acknowledge that regardless of our bloodlines, identities and passports we are all one kind. I’ve learned that from Ojibwe and all other tribes.

Today we see @gretathunberg doing the same as Nokomis Josephine-ba Mandamin did back then, I just wish she lived to sit down with Greta for a good chat. I am hopeful that we are all waking up. Thanks to those wise, courageous women who carry us and bring us water.

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