Johari window

Today I am looking at the Johari window. It’s good to start with myself. The Johari Window model is used for practising self-awareness – perfect place to start counselling studies, in my opinion.

Here is how it works (via Wikipedia):

This model helps us identify the way we perceive ourselves but also how others perceive us. I have done this exercise many times before but not in the context of me becoming a counsellor. This new role is a bit different and I am glad I can start the journey by reviewing my very own take on myself as a counsellor and by asking my family, friends and clients to tell me more about their perception of my counselling/listening skills.

All areas are worth exploring but I find the unknown most fascinating.

So here are the adjectives you need to place in all areas of the window – do it and see what is left for the unknown:

  • able
  • accepting
  • adaptable
  • bold
  • brave
  • calm
  • caring
  • cheerful
  • clever
  • complex
  • confident
  • dependable
  • dignified
  • empathetic
  • energetic
  • extroverted
  • friendly
  • giving
  • happy
  • helpful
  • idealistic
  • independent
  • ingenious
  • intelligent
  • introverted
  • kind
  • knowledgeable
  • logical
  • loving
  • mature
  • modest
  • nervous
  • observant
  • organized
  • patient
  • powerful
  • proud
  • quiet
  • reflective
  • relaxed
  • religious
  • responsive
  • searching
  • self-assertive
  • self-conscious
  • sensible
  • sentimental
  • shy
  • silly
  • spontaneous
  • sympathetic
  • tense
  • trustworthy
  • warm
  • wise
  • witty

Does this exercise change your self-awareness in any way? I would love to know what you think.

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