Next steps

It’s my first counselling diploma weekend tomorrow (for context, this course allows me to open private practice soon, finally, after few years of studies). I am in bed, immersed in an ordinary, classic cold, resting. Thinking a lot about rest still.

Summer was all about reframing my relationship with fitness – I made immense steps and breakthroughs there – to close it off an old fellow journalist asked me to join a book project about running so I am collecting my thoughts on the topic.

But today I am also mentally preparing for the next phase of my development – new group, new mentors, new theories and a lot of work on developing my own therapy style. So far I was lucky with amazing teachers and some really terrible ones (for a change, I guess). The new course feels safe, like home, so I am confident it will be good. After a few years of work in mental health, I am learning to choose kind and carrying teachers. I am also thinking about endings – I like to think about those when I start something.

When I finished UWE counselling level 4 I got myself an olive tree (I grew wiser and more peaceful on that course). When I finished the UWE organisational coaching course, I got a eucalyptus plant (to me a symbol of steady, humble, rich and healing power of nature). Both are stunning and I love to see them grow on our patio – reminding me to take good care of those two journeys still.

I cannot wait to see how this new course ends – what plant will I get then and why? I love change and growth so really cannot wait. It’s a bliss to be able to study from home and join the first weekend with a bit of a sniff and time to think.

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