Global Voices Advocacy meme

Do you care about freedom of speech? I know, big words, big cause etc. But let’s just narrow it down to a very small bit of our own reality – do you want UK government to monitor the content of your presences or restrict access to others? Do you want to see your fellow blogger whom you just happened to meet during, let’s day Barcamp UAE to go to prison for something she/he posted on their blog? We are all in danger of restrictions of this basic human right – regardless the place we live in. OK, fair enough, some of us more than others, however, we all get to see the impact of a breach of freedoms on one of us, here or somewhere else.  We all stand up against it. Hence why I am posting this meme and inviting all my readers, friends, fellow bloggers to take part in it – I hope you will appreciate the fact that there are people out there who commit their free time to volunteer for this cause and support those of us who get to feel the above-mentioned restrictions. Yes, I know some of the Global Voices Advocacy people personally and I am very impressed with their work, openness, and personal ability to overcome all differences and work together. Obviously, this work needs financial support from somewhere and funds are crucial, so I understand the guys need out the vote in Zemanta’s new contest worth $3000. (It amazes me how you can actually make a difference with one simple post…) So you know what I am talking about this is what GV Advocacy state about themselves: ‘a project of Global Voices Online, we seek to build a global anti-censorship network of bloggers and online activists dedicated to protecting freedom of expression and free access to information online.’

So here is my part of the meme:

1. I vote for Global Voices Advocacy, because… I support freedom of speech – here and everywhere else. Because I am a blogger. Not more, not less.

2. I am making it clear that ‘this blog post is part of Zemanta’s “Blogging For a Cause” ( campaign to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes that bloggers care about.

3. I want to see if my following friends support me and GV Advocacy on this one: Lolly, MichalD, Ahmed, Bejamin Ellis, and Karl.

Not much time left, guys need support by the 6th of June, so please join the meme, simply following the 3 points above;)


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