We are all mad…


We are all mad in our house and I love it. I am so happy that I managed to get hold of a Moleskine which reflects those values!

I write more on paper nowadays and I think its a result of a small conversation I had with two mums the other day. It reminded me of the value of writing. When a regular conversation navigated over to screens and writing I was asked if I write letters or a journal….

Well, of course I do. I would be nowhere without my journals! Maybe I am active online sometimes, maybe it sounds like I am busy but actually the pages of my daily journal are the most secret, most intimate, most trusted place to pour down my thoughts on. The way it used to be in the ‘olden’ times – when pages of our personal journals provided us  (those who liked to make a note of our lives and discuss our thoughts on paper) with comfort. Part of that comforting feeling was the knowledge that no one would read them, that they belong to us – pretty much like our personal mirrors, right?

I guess this conversation last week stayed with me so deeply…it opened up another box I think i live in – a writer’s box. I have realised that not everyone finds it easy or obvious to write! Why did I think that?

A writer is a person performing the act of writing. So I am a writer. I am not a good writer, but I do write a lot, I like writing and I need to write when I am really sad, on the edge and really do not know who would be the right person to listen. Pages have this amazing ability to record and listen. Sometimes the words, once placed on paper, realise our true feelings sometimes for us – help us see the truth about ourselves. We become our own audience. We don’t need, nor want anyone else.

The speed of writing, the freedom of drawing, the act of allowing the ink to flow, the quality of paper…all of these define how we capture all those truths. And so it is really important to choose the right notebook, allow yourself the time to write when you feel you are in pain or simply stuck.

Maybe this is why I am not stuck in so many situations when my friends are? Maybe not everyone knows the real value of journaling, of a Moleskine notebook in a bag? Maybe me and those who write should share the beauty of this act more clearly?

What do you think?


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