Geeks getting engaged – our rather geeky marriage proposal

Last Night at the Oxford Geek Night @zerolab has asked me to marry him. He used his 60 min long pitch to do so. Luckily it was also recorded as I was pretty much in shock! I know he hates to speak in public and I was expecting him to talk about Drupal projects! So when he mentioned volcanoes and other side of the world (we have met on the way to Santiago de Chile, then we were also stuck there for a day due to the Icelandic volcano problems), then coffee ring (ring he gave me once promising not to ask this question) I genuinely panicked. First thing I said was “oh no!” only then followed by a big yes! There, enjoy! (thank you to @darhtberne for recording it and to @jpstacey for brave and professional management of the evening afterwards!) And there was I talking in my pitch about my book on how the web has changed my life! There, thanks to the web I am not engaged!


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